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Marketing Vacant Properties

Costello Realty & Management offers services in Las Vegas, NV and its surrounding areas. We understand the importance of marketing and advertising your rentals and we want to ensure that your rental does not remain vacant for longer than necessary.

Our main focus is to provide you the highest return on your residential rental investment. We achieve this goal by making sure your rental does not stay vacant, and that we get high-quality tenants. The rental market in Las Vegas, NV is very competitive, but our team of property managers always put in the extra time and effort to stay ahead of the competition.


Tenant Screening

The Las Vegas, NV rental market has been showing consistent growth. At Costello Realty & Management, we understand the importance of selecting the right tenants. We all want to avoid the challenges associated with bad tenants, and that is why we have implemented a meticulous background screening process to ensure that we are able to filter out any tenants that could prove to be problematic.

Our goal is to find tenants who will pay on time and who will take care of your rental property in Las Vegas, NV. Our screening process is very thorough where every tenant is required to complete a comprehensive application.

We also conduct a criminal history check, credit and rental history, and employment status of all prospective tenants. All these measures are undertaken to ensure that we find the best possible renter for your rentals.


Rent Collection

One of the biggest challenges of running a rental operation is collecting your rental income. When you choose Costello Realty & Management, you can simply pass on this responsibility to us. We make it a point to inform all tenants of our expectations and requirements with respect to rental payments.

We have a strong rent collection system in place that will allow you to relax and watch your funds grow. Not only do we collect rent on time but we also make it a point to deliver your rental income quickly and promptly.


Residential Property Inspections

Our goal is to manage your properties on your behalf so that you can focus your attention on other important things in your life. In addition, we want to make sure we help you increase the value of your investment. This is our primary focus.

We schedule routine property inspections to make sure your property is being maintained well. In our opinion, preventative care is a critical component to maintaining the value of your property as well as managing its overall costs. That is why we have an efficient system in place to ensure routine property inspections.


Property Maintenance

Our residential rental management services include quality maintenance of all our clients’ Las Vegas properties. We ensure that every rental is well-maintained at all times and that all required repairs are completed immediately.

Our goal is to ensure that your rental properties are always in good condition so that it can be rented out quickly and can provide you the returns you want and deserve.


Financial Reporting

All our clients have online access to financial information related to their Las Vegas rental properties. We use internet-based financial reporting software that is accessible from anywhere and at any time.

As far as your financial information is concerned, you will always have access to current and accurate financials related to your Las Vegas properties.



At Costello Realty & Management, we follow a very strict eviction process (abiding with Nevada state laws) that we only initiate when absolutely necessary. If a tenant refuses to pay the rent, we then proceed with the eviction process.

Our managers are well-trained and well-versed in Las Vegas, Nevada’s tenant-landlord eviction laws. You can be confident that we will handle the eviction process, if and when required, properly and effectively.